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neverwinter nights: enhanced edition pre-order now and play on windows linux and mac

Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition is now available to pre-order on Beamdog for $19.99 USD. This also comes with a Steam code. And the best part, the games playable now on Windows, Mac and Linux. Including a singleplayer, online multiplayer and online co-op.

So Beamdog allows pre-order owners to play, import modules, and update persistent world servers early.

“Neverwinter Nights was a unique game that distilled the essence of Dungeons & Dragons. And allowed players to build, share and act as Dungeon Master for amazing gaming experiences.” said Trent Oster, Beamdog CEO. “I think this unique combination makes Neverwinter Nights one of the most versatile role playing game experiences of all time.” Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition combines the familiarity of the Forgotten Realms. Along with new features like advanced graphic shaders and 4k support. Also updated translations (French, German, Italian, Polish and Spanish). And the fan community’s most requested bug fixes.

Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition Trailer (Windows, Mac, Linux)

The release is accompanied by a Digital Deluxe bundle. So this includes three of the original premium modules. Pirates of the Sword Coast, Infinite Dungeons and Wyvern Crown of Cormyr. Also two soundtracks collecting all of the original music. And a new portrait pack. Each piece of DLC will be available to wishlist on Steam. While all content will be available on Linux, Mac and Windows. Which is one the bigger releases since Planescape: Torment Enhanced Edition.

“I invite everyone interested in the future of Neverwinter Nights to join the Beamdog forums,” said Oster. “We hope it will become a new home. Where you can speak directly with the development team. We need to know what YOU want to see Neverwinter Nights become. And we’ll do our best to meet and exceed those expectations.”

So join the Beamdog community, visit the forums at

Pre-order from Beamdog:

More information on Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition and to Pre-order. Just go to the official Beamdog Store page and get a Steam code. No official word about the games release for 2018 yet. And news about GOG is coming soon.

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