Upcoming Friday the 13th game

Have you ever watched a horror film and scream “JUST CALL THE COPS, MORON!” or “DON’T GO IN THERE?”  Well, now’s your chance to prove you can do it better.  A fan crowd-funded game based on the movies series “Friday the 13th”.  In a 1 vs 7, this murder/slasher pits you as Jason against 7 camp counselors, or you can be a counselor, and your ultimate goal is to kill in the most brutal way possible.  There will be many different ways to kill your victims including smashing them against trees and impaling them on many different items.  Best yet, each round in the game creates a mini-movie for watching later.  Sound like something you’d like?  This game, built in Unreal Engine 4, is slated for a release in October 2016 and will be for sale for $60 on PS4, XBox One, and PC.  Check out these gamespot reviews or check out this trailer:


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