BFV Alpha goes live tomorrow

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#1 alienstout

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Posted 27 June 2018 - 02:25 PM

I'll be in there and will report back anything of interest.

#2 alienstout

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Posted 29 June 2018 - 08:46 AM

So it's pretty good, much better than BF1. The character movement has been improved, feels more like BC2/BF4 where the character goes where you want him too. Jumping over things and into windows is way better now and faster.


Revives can be done by any squad member - but if you're not a Medic the downed player only gets like 1/4 health. It takes a couple of seconds to do this.


Medics get the revive syringe again and the animation takes a few seconds.


There is limited ammo but there are ammo dumps (health too) in a couple of spots. You can get ammo from Support class in either packs that you pick up while running, or from crates you have to use E for.


Health will not regenerate when below 50% it seems. Health packs at ammo dumps, from Medics, or from health crates you use E for.


Shooting feels good, again not like BF1 randomness. You hit what you aim for. Sniping is fun again, they will probably nerf this a bit. Medics get an automatic rifle which is nice. There is now a more pronounced delay on scoping - it's noticeable. Reloads take longer.


You can't spot people but when you shoot one it highlights that player. 


You can spawn on any squad member.


Tanks are maybe too tough.


Planes meh, don't like'em but that's not unusual.


Visually the game looks good, runs fine on BF1-era CPU/GPU. 


Feels pretty good for an alpha, certainly the best one I've played from DICE.

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