CnK News

CnK Gaming is hosting yet another game night! This time we’re doing Battlefield 1 so break out your Springfield rifle and bayonet tonight and come game with us! As always we’re on Teamspeak at The fun starts at 8:00 pm CST and will go on as long as long as people are around! See you there!

CnK Gaming will be hosting a Battlefield 4 get together event this evening at 8:00 pm CST in our Teamspeak server. We’re dusting off our fatigues, polishing the tanks, and loading up our ammo clips for some late night fun!

Our Teamspeak server informaiton is in the left side bar. See you there soldier!

We’re making a push for recruiting in Battlefield 4.  Join us on our TeamSpeak server and meet some of our awesome members.  Do you like to chill?  We’re a laid back community of friends who enjoy the Battlefield series.  No fuss, no complicated systems, no dramas.  We keep it real, we keep it simple.

CnK Gaming has decided to move our Teamspeak voice server away from Chicago to Atlanta. This will allow us to still communicate if Chicago comes under a DDoS attack.

There are two ways to connect to us. Please see below:

Method 1
Port: 12050

Method 2
Address: or
Port: No port number needed!

There will be a CnK Member meeting this upcoming Sunday, March 22nd at 2:00 PM CDT (-5:00 GMT). The meeting is being held to discuss upcoming community changes, future events, etc. The meeting is expected to last about an hour. See everyone there!