About Chill N Kill Gaming

Chill N Kill (CnK) was formed by a group of experienced gamers to create a group of mature, talented gamers without the hassle and frustration of intense and complicated organizations. The goal in this community is to provide a place for players across the globe to meet together, play online, and have fun. In essence… Chill n Kill! While most of us at CnK do play Battlefield, some of us branch out to other games from time to time. Feel free to come chill with us on our Teamspeak Server.

CnK prides itself on being a low-maintenance community that members can dedicated as much of their time as they like toward.  The dynamics of the group are what you make of it; be it steady weekly scrimmages and tournaments to casual playing in your free time.  There are no minimum requirements or complicated expectations other than being relaxed and fair.  Our community is very active on teamspeak and that is the best place to engage with us.

Anti-Cheating Community

CnK is serious about playing fairly and preventing those who do from playing within our community and servers. We have a committed set of administrators doing their best to keep our servers an enjoyable place to play. CnK does operate a PBBans streaming server.  We check new applicants against a several anti-cheating databases to ensure our members play fairly.

Server blocks

If you find yourself behind a server ban, whether justified or not, and you wish to try to appeal the ban, please visit our forums and make your case.  We try to be fair in our judgement but our primary objective is to keep our servers fair for everyone.

Join us today!

If this sounds like something that interests you, consider putting in an application today!